Our Guarantee

At Squeak Stoppers, we find one simple fact to be true — you should get what you pay for and it should stay that way. So, we guarantee all of our work. That means everything that we do at Squeak Stoppers is guaranteed, from the individual squeaks we stop to the holes we may have to drill and whether you can see them under normal living conditions. There are some situations that void our guarantees on workmanship and even the return of some floor squeaks. Poor manufacturing of flooring product is one, installation of flooring is another. We would still take on these floors, but we would guarantee only our workmanship in these styles of floors. Guaranteeing our work and giving insight on floor and stair squeaks is precise and, at no time do we at Squeak Stoppers guarantee 100% of any floor. We guarantee the elimination of individual floor and stair squeaks, whether it be one squeak or several dozens.

Eliminating floor squeaks is a very precise style of construction and can be tracked very accurately. When we come out for a free consultation, we lay out problem areas in your floors, walls, pipes, ducts, or any other points where friction may occur. These spots will be laid out on the walking surfaces of your home for visualization. We do this to show where stepping can commonly cause an individual squeak to occur. These spots will be individually marked and laid out in our contract. Doing this will identify the individual squeaks we plan to eliminate and later guarantee. These individual spots, laid out in the Squeak Stoppers contracts, will be the only squeaks covered by our guarantee radius of 8 inches or 16 inches in diameter. This measurement is half the distance to the next standard floor joist layout. Individually laid out floor and stair squeaks in this manner will be guaranteed for life, along with our workmanship.

For more questions about our guarantee call owner Scott Diebold; (314)341-9676