What We Do

A squeak is a surface moving faster than what its attached to or two surfaces rubbing against one another. A squeak is a vibration or movement. At Squeak Stoppers we eliminate that movement.

The different surfaces we take care of are: hardwood, carpet, tile, first floors, second floors, finished or unfinished basements. Not all squeaks come from floors. There are other things, like duct work, gas lines, floor joist, and even walls that can squeak. That is where we come in. With our vast knowledge of home construction and squeak stopping aids us in a quick turnaround with non-invasive techniques.

Moving furniture, or your living style doesn’t matter.

The processes are generally the same for each type of floor, depending on the build house and age of your house however, the treatments might change.

First we will assess your floors with a free consultation.
Part of our assessment we will pinpoint and survey each individual squeak so that you will be aware of how many squeaks we will stop along with using this information to guarantee our work for years to come.

Once the assessment has been completed we will discuss our techniques we will use on your individual house along with discussing our pricing structure.

After the assessment we will set up a time for our team to come in and Stop your Squeaks, giving you peace and quiet. Generally, most jobs take an afternoon.

Please call us today to set up a free consultation.