What We Do

What We Do

A squeak is a vibration caused by movement. When a surface moves faster than what it is attached to, a squeak is born. If two surfaces rub against one another, this vibration will also result in a squeak in your floor or stairs. At Squeak Stoppers we eliminate these movements and vibrations.

Here are a few of the different surfaces we service: hardwood, carpet, tile, laminate linoleum, first floors, second floors, finished and unfinished basements. Not all squeaks come from floors. In some instances, duct work, gas lines, floor joists, and even walls can cause a squeak. That is where we come in. Our vast knowledge of home construction and squeak stopping aids us in a quick turnaround with non-invasive techniques.

The process is generally the same for each type of floor. However, depending on the building materials and age of your house the treatments might change slightly.

First we will assess your floors with a free consultation. As part of our assessment, we pinpoint and survey each individual squeak that we can stop. Our work comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Once the assessment is complete, we discuss the specific techniques we will use on your house. With our full process explained, we then discuss our pricing structure.

We will set up a mutually convenient time for our team to Stop your Squeaks, giving you peace and quiet (finally!). Most jobs can be completed in one day.

Please call us today to set up a free consultation.